System Engineer

Amsterdam, the Netherlands


What is Dimebox

Dimebox offers a payment solution beyond the usual ‘all payment methods’ approach. In sync with card schemes, we designed a Payments Intelligence Platform based on the architecture of a processing engine. This approach led to a unique payment solution, which offers business users crucial insight and enables executives to make smart, data-driven business decisions. Dimebox enhanced the PSP core with an additional intelligence layer, enriched with cool analytics and reporting features and tools, which enable its users to zoom in on specific transactions, to filter, review and monitor smart data, and get details about currency type, card type, date/time, status and performance.

Dimebox’ technology is modular by design, adapting to current and future business needs. The platform can be leveraged in stages, integrating additional functionality. The gateway layer, the data module and business intelligence tools, as well as the next-generation payment-processing engine can be selectively deployed to meet customer needs. Dimebox taps into existing business processes, and thanks to its high level of automation, it reduces the resource requirements to operate the service.

Reach out to us by sending us an email at Make sure to include your CV and explain why you want to come work with us. Acquisition by recruitment agencies is not appreciated.

Job description

As a System Engineer at Dimebox you will strive to achieve the automation of tasks in cooperation with the rest of the team. As part of the job responsibilities, you will also be in charge of responding to incidents; delivering platforms for our customers; and monitoring. You will work closely with our full DevOps team in order to solve the various issues that arise. You will have the freedom to research and suggest new technologies that will benefit and improve the System Engineer role, the platform and the company. You will design and implement the tools that you deem necessary for the development of Dimebox.

Dimebox is constantly looking for talented employees who are eager to learn, not afraid to speak their mind and who come up with ideas that bring benefit and knowledge within the team. You will be tackling problems connected with security, cryptography, big data and artificial intelligence on a daily basis.

Your profile

  • Proficiency in the Linux command-line
  • Quick mind and reactivity, forward-thinking, can work well under pressure
  • Passionate, enthusiastic, ambitious
  • Flexible

Nice to haves

  • Experience with large critical platforms
  • Experience with security critical environments
  • More than 5 years of experience
  • Experience with highly available architectures
  • Experience with Puppet, MariaDB, MongoDB, preferably in a clustered setup