How to get relevant and actionable data from your processors

20 March 2017

Where Merchants and PSP’s are struggling to get relevant data from their processors, the Dimebox platform offers the most advanced data insights and actionable data helping to increase sales conversion! The days of: “You have an average approval rate of 78% on your Card transactions” is long gone, we can all do that math! Give your customers the tools to understand why the 22% are failing and how to convert a significant percentage into sales again!

How to get relevant and actionable data from your processors

The Dimebox platform allows its customers to benefit from the transaction-centric approach, giving detailed insights into all transaction elements that could have an effect on the outcome, regardless of the channel it was processed. Understanding what happens furthest down the payment value chain is crucial to provide such insights. Does the Issuer allow recurring on its Cards? How does 3D-Secure affect the abandonment rate with a specific German Issuer, above which transaction value and in which sector (MCC)? What is the likelihood of this transaction ending up as a Chargeback?

Being able to answer these questions and act accordingly in real-time, we help to increase your conversion from the moment go! Additionally, we provide you with actionable data presented in an intuitive interface, to make relevant decisions yourself. These include Fraud & Risk management tools, analysis of your historical payment data based on machine learning and dynamic routing.

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Raymundo Leefmans
CEO & Co-Founder of Dimebox