Our beautiful office, Singel 250

3 April 2017

Where all the hard work and magic is happening. Smart people making even smarter payment solutions.

Our enchanting office in the centre of Amsterdam

It's the second half of the 19th century in The Netherlands. The country can finally start healing from the effects of the French Revolution and those of the Belgian rebellion. Now that the nation is independent, it can start rising and profiting from the progress made by science. In 1863 two very important events take place: the opening of the Nunspeet railway station and the establishment of The Nederlandsch-Indische Handelsbank. Whereas a new railway station was merely the reflection of the massive technical progress of the times, building the Amsterdam headquarters of the trading bank was an important step into the future not only for the banking industry, but also all financial institutions, and one in particular.

The property on the Singel and Raadhuisstraat corner was designed with a sublimity. Architects J.P.F. van Rossem and WJ Vuyk, who also executed the project of the well-known Koninklijk Theater Carré, gave an extraordinary neo-classical feel to the construction. The sleek Roman lines of the building represented the prestigious status of the financial industry. The momentum is also captured in the splendour of the high ceilings, the marble pillars and its opulent staircases. Due to the historical value of the indoors, the building has been taken under the protection of the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands. Even though the Nederlandsch-Indische Handelsbank only lasted a hundred years, its successors kept most of the extravagant feel of the property.

The building is spacious enough to host several businesses. Nowadays Singel 250 is the headquarters of various enterprises including Dimebox - an innovative Fintech company. Dimebox went a long way to get where it is right now. Indeed, its first office was nothing more than the living room of one of the company’s founders. Shortly after that, the location changed to Sarphatistraat, then Prinsengracht and finally Singel. It all happened in less than two and a half years, since the evolution pace of Dimebox has been very rapid. The convenient location in the centre of Amsterdam, together with its spacious interior with an historical feel make this place an ideal working environment.

We are in 2017, three centuries later, a time when technique and science have sufficiently advanced to make life without them unimaginable. The financial sphere is facing a major transformation. Having these new complexities in mind, Dimebox has come up with an innovative payment solution. The history remains in Amsterdam where we continue to develop the future on the Dutch trade bank vestige.