Dimebox's dream team expands

6 April 2017

We’re proud to announce our latest additions to the Dimebox team. We’re growing more rapidly than ever and exciting things are happening at Singel 250. Dimebox is boarding many customers at the moment and the new hires definitely help in these busy times! Our tech team is also working on something big which we will announce in the near future, so stay tuned.

Some of our new hires!

Gabriele di Stefano - Javascript Engineer, Node.js & Web Team Lead
Comes from Milan and moved to Amsterdam to work on Node since it was in its early 0.4.x version. Gabriele will be focused on guiding the development team on processes and code performance, which will ultimately enhance our product. A few keywords that describe his projects are: modular, pluggable and reusable.

Kevin Salim - Software Engineer
Will be working on both back-end and front-end technologies at Dimebox and is responsible for both bug fixing and enhancement of the Dimebox products such as Data Analytics. Kevin started with Java but has worked on Node.JS and other front-end technologies at companies such as Accenture, GasTerra and KPN.

Luuk Gruijs - Front-end Developer
Responsible for the User Interface of Dimebox. Luuk will make sure our users get the best experience by continually optimising our UI and creating new slick-looking features. Luuk has experience as a front-end developer and previously worked at a range of start-ups and larger companies.

Ingrid Eltink - Global Business Manager
Will be responsible for the growth of Dimebox’s client base by building and maintaining relationships with prospects and clients, be they banks, acquirers, PSPs or large merchants. Ingrid was previously a broker at IG where she looked after high net value clients.

Joeri van Loenhout - Global Business Manager
Is going to develop Dimebox’s business globally and is responsible for contact with clients, beginning with the initial introduction of Dimebox and continuing through the signing of a service agreement and the further life-cycle of a client. Joeri has prior experience in the financial service industry working at Deloitte.

Adrianna Kubalik - Marketing Intern
Joined the team to gain experience in the Amsterdam start-up environment and will be assisting with content marketing and digital marketing. Adrianna previously worked at Salesmanago, an online marketing automation tool where she was responsible for creating marketing and educational content.