Maximising financial connectivity

1 June 2017

Financial connectivity is essential. It empowers you to trade anywhere, with anyone. In fintech, connectivity enables you to expand globally, and to stay relevant to your customers.


It’s time for the fintech industry to progress beyond traditional A-to-B transaction processing. Financial institutions possess enormous amounts of valuable information, but they typically only expose or exploit the absolute minimum data required when processing payment transactions.

Thanks to our deep understanding of the end-to-end payment ecosystem, Dimebox offers deep connectivity across its full range of supported payment schemes and acquirers. While most payment gateways omit or ignore valuable data, Dimebox gathers and leverages the full range of available transaction information, to empower intelligent fraud controls, effective dispute management, and efficient financial reconciliation, in one comprehensive platform.

Connectivity means consistency

Consistent financial connectivity is not a commodity. In order to meet market demands, you need to provide your customers with maximum financial reach, for minimum effort.

Offering a range of disparate payment methods is one thing; normalising the interface on the technical side, and for the user, to deliver a seamless payment experience, is quite another.

Dimebox takes a transaction-centric approach, meaning that every transaction, regardless of the payment method, is implemented in a standard manner. Thanks to this consistency, every payment fits the same operational model, and can therefore, be efficiently integrated into your own system, and managed within one platform.

Connectivity means efficiency

As payments become increasingly strategic, thinking of a transaction as simply an instantaneous operation is a major oversight.

Dimebox helps you look at your payment data from a business perspective, enhancing marketing and sales, as well as an operational perspective, informing risk management and financial optimisation. Analysing rich data about geolocation, web browsers, operating systems, and hardware devices, gives you the power to identify where the most fraud comes from, and to plan mitigating measures accordingly. From a sales perspective, rich data helps you spot technical or usability issues that lead to checkout flows being abandoned by customers, empowering you to fix the problem, increasing your conversion rate.

Taking a step further, dealing with inevitable exceptions such as declined transactions, order cancellations, refunds, and disputes becomes painless. The Dimebox platform manages these otherwise cumbersome processes end-to-end, in a manner that can be fully automated.

Connectivity is a commodity

Today’s financial ecosystem demands a new approach, whereby formerly competitive institutions must collaborate to succeed.

Customers have become accustomed to being offered multiple payment options and leveraging multiple payment schemes and acquirers is now essential. While having access to many payment partners increases the range of capabilities you can offer your customers, implementing them all in a deep and consistent manner within existing technology is often impeded by legacy infrastructure challenges.

Thanks to Dimebox, deep and consistent connectivity across a broad spectrum of payment schemes and acquirers is finally achievable, for you and your customers, today.