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Dimebox is a technology-driven platform that allows you to keep up with the industry’s demands by enhancing the core of payments with data-driven intelligence and analytics

We are Dimebox

We started with the vision to solve the technical complexity and accelerate growth of payments for Fintech businesses. Today, we offer financial institutions a unique transaction-centric payment solution. Everything under your own brand, so you can focus on your customers and core activities. Our Payment Platform will take care of the rest.

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White label

Our white-label platform enables you to focus on your core business, while adapting to your existing business processes. It will run invisibly under the hood without compromising branding or risking the trust of your customers. Benefit from powerful data-driven intelligence features of our next-generation payment intelligence platform and from having identical codes between customers.

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You’ve got a unique business model and it needs a selected set of tools and services to make it happen? We have those for you. Completely replace your existing payment solution, or just integrate several modules, do it your style. Incorporating the latest innovations allows you to focus back on your business, rather than worrying about complex technologies and legacy issues.

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PCI DSS Level 1 compliance

Meet your PCI DSS level 1 compliance obligations simply by implementing Dimebox’s client libraries. No sensitive payment card data hits your servers, vastly simplifying compliance, and greatly enhancing security.

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