Omnichannel control of all your payments through one platform

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The ability to manage all payment streams in a single environment gives merchants an unmatched level of control.


Through the unified portal, POS and eCommerce transactions are consolidated and made actionable. Combine all the features of a modern gateway platform with omnichannel capabilities.

Everything you need in one place

Replace disconnected legacy services with one API. Access POS and online payments in one dashboard, and optimize processes on the fly.

Use omnichannel data insights to your advantage

With unprecedented access to data insights across all channels, you can optimize conversion and improve the service to your customers.

Let next-generation technology guide you into the future

RESTful API architecture makes the platform fast, reliable and scalable. It’s easy to integrate, use and maintain. A modern intuitive UI built with self-service in mind gives you a quick start.

A new level of control over your business

With an omnichannel API at your fingertips, you can immediately adjust your business logic based on the insights your payment data has given you.

Features of the platform

Delivering added value is the norm, not the exception

The unified portal combines deep data capabilities with hand-on payment management tools, which allow merchants to stay competitive.

Data & Analytics

Get access to powerful data visualization tools that give you actionable insights into your transaction data. The portal captures the most in-depth data generated at every point a payment passes and allows you to put it to use.

Omnichannel Reporting

Query any selection of payment data instantly, regardless of its source. POS and ecommerce transactions are unified within a single data model seamlessly merging both into one reporting stream. Filters help you pick and choose what level of detail you want to see, from the broadest scope down to individual transactions.


Safeguard your PCI compliance with a single secure token that links every payment done by an individual customer, no matter how or where they pay.

Fraud Prevention

Our fraud engine enables the use of customisable rulesets to tag, flag or block any incoming transactions based on their characteristics. Additionally, third-party fraud solutions can be integrated into the platform to provide an extra layer of security.


A fully PCI-compliant hosted checkout feature that can be completely customized to resemble the merchant environment, providing consumers with a frictionless payment experience.

Mobile Wallets

Reach more online and mobile customers with mobile wallet capabilities. In-app payments allow your customers to pay without entering any payment details.

Learn more about your customers by analysing your payments

Leverage payment data from the broadest scope down to a single transaction

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